What Kate Middleton Actually Eats In A Day

What Kate Middleton Actually Eats In A Day

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for maintaining a royal panache alongwith staying fit.   Kate’s regular food comes directly from their Kitchen and they spend some family time while dining together at the Royal family table, quoted chef Carolyn Robb,  Royal family, U.K.. Kate being the Duchess, prefers making food with dash of royalty too. She prepares curries with great enthusiam as its her personal favourite. William keeps pulling her legs over the issue and claims “It’s the reason I’m so skinny!” , while their guests have praised the diva for her culinary skills.

Kate gives good time and company to her mini family over food but also wants to maintain her reputation of fashion icon, that wants her to have a cylindrical and lean figure. Her diet is pretty  strict with an equally tiring workout. It’s a very common belief that since the royal wedding was going to be screened on Television, she was very conscious of self and started working on Dukan Diet that is one of the most demanding diets of all times and is high on proteins and is usually used to reduce by celebrities to shed post pregancy weight.What you usually can have in this diet is vegetables and fruits without a second thought and only brown variant of the breads. The diet puts out several things out for you and it can be difficult to resist but Kate’s mother helped her to stay away from any sort of cravings especially of prawns and cottage cheese. The source of the below images is Celebritydietplanxp.com

Raw foods are always love.

As mentioned earlier she gorges on raw foods sans limit (as much as her appetite) because that won’t affect her figure. She is the one who actually inspires people on diet to rely wholeheartedly on raw food and bring the glow back on your face, hair and skin. Kate is not a person who prefers to eat at one go, rather she gets herself food for travels like ceviche, goji berries, gazpacho, watermelon salad, almond milk and tabbouleh.

Bring in some holiday food.

Kate is not a strict mommy though and while on an outing with her hubby and toddlers and while with Queen, she never makes faces and eats whatever is served ( and mind that servings are always royal). She holds the family recipes in high regard and prefers a little more of workout rather  than refusing her grandmother-in-law. Christmas is always lavish with morning breakfast, elegant lunch of   shrimp salad, roasted turkey with other traditional side dishes like parsnips, carrots and Brussels sprouts. And Dinners wont fail to add those extra pounds with delicacies like rib roast, turkey or ham and dozen of buffet items.

Pregancy and Morning sickness

It’s pretty common to battle morning sickness during pregnancy.  Middleton was no exception she had to go for food hypnotherapy to channelise her appetite.Kate had avocados, berries and  oatmeals at her bay while she was pregnant with Prince George. Here is a sneak peek to Kate Complete Diet Plan and Exercise Routine

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